Friday, June 24, 2011

borinkk kn .....

sangat2 burinkk d rmh , jd ak pown croboh masuk blik adik ak 2k cri smtg
yg blh ak kcu . hahaha ! tp , ak jux jumpa a lot of exercise book yg dya x guna
apa kejadah nya adik ak ni , beli buku2 byk tp x gna . so , ak pown ambik 1 bb ak
m'coretkan ssuatu d atsnya . n i draw this !! hahahah ~ burinnkk pya psal kn ?
bidak, is it ? 

haha ! wteverr la . ttba dtg mood mw mlukis .
bye 4 now ! 

F !

chatting with not calling her F, but her name starts with the letter F.
so yeah..
Me:f download la skype im bored 
F:    yo. hahahahaa mlas i dh off
Me: pleaseee
F:    pstu i on balik..i bukan ade webcam pnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 
F:    lg ah
Me:kte clling2 ar 
F:     tu semua kt laptop lah syg ku maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  ..u skype dgn h**** :p

Me: x penah fb chat je.hahaha
F:     uwwwwwwww best :p:p 
Me: best cm ne? 
F:     best, i ingt gk time dulu with my ex wkakakaka mcm ni gk la.mule2 ym               
         :(:(  hahaha 
Me: bahaha, u da ade brape ex? 
F:     2 ekorrrr , u satu n ..... ( ?? )
Me: haha  
F:     u? 
Me:now ade bf
F:    ye kot :(:( but yg i syg gila gila ni kan, kira cm first love la. 
        yg lasi satu tu tk sbb couple mase time budak2
        i kire cm i ade satu je ex la haa :p:p
Me: h**** je ade
      bahaha . kuang ajo ko ! yg tym budak2 toe ak kn ?
F:    good
Me:psal plak? 
F:    setia hahahaha 
Me:hee.ntah la..klau boleh i nk satu je..but yeah
     tgk la
F:    mesti satu pnye hihi
Me:haha tgk la  .................
F:   :D:D i pn nak satu.. i want my ex backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u da terlepas la..this is like my 1st real realtionship
F:   hahaha :(:(
   sorry ( tggl memory jak suma 2 )

3:14am F is offline.

fullstop !!

im happy if u're happy

no kidding

i meant it!

so, im living my life :)

oh yeahh!!

ps: im happier now, thanks to you

SINETRON indon jadi kegilaan !

oh, did i tell u that im in love with randy!!
oh yeah, he's from
damn it, nia is so prettttty. and randy is sooooo cuuteeeeee.
fine, so i watch indonesian series.
they're pretty and handsome -.-
and i love the slang. ahaha.
haha ! its the first sinetron make me fall in love to watch indon movie until now . 
byk gi pggnti movie nie . n suma nya best2 . hahaha ! its CINTA MELODY !
mel n elang
again i meet randy panggalila here >_<
tp , syg dah tmt . ak x dpt tgk full neh , hostel kn . skrg pggnti dya KAHWIN MASAL 
yg pnting syokk suma cta indon nie . heheh ~



i was melting the whole time..
gosh, can ZAC be any HOTTER?? *yes he can :)
and awhhhh. he's so sweet in this movie because he's so close to his brotherr..
and yeah he's HOTT..

its DEADLY !

 somehow, its 


okayh, this may be the lamest thing i did.
but yeah, i changed my blog name.
yeah, as u can see.
i dnt know why i did ITS COMPLICATED in the 1st place,
biase laa, still a kid kan DULU. wow, macam da TUA sgt la now -.-
TWIST AND TURNS also means complicated,
to be exact, its full of twist and turns.
but i cut the 'full of' HAHA.

so, yeah, twist and turns seems pretty awesome,
i stayed up last night until 4am just trying to change my blog title.
and yeah, i just google another words for "complicated" and TA DAA, its theree 
seriously ITS COMPLICATED, is kinda boring.
TWIST AND TURNS also can be known for T.N.T.
itsnt tht cool? its like the TNT bomb??? its ok if u dnt get it.
since im changing the blog title, mind as well just change  the theme and design. 

ps: sebenarnya url blog pon nak ditukar. 
tetapi HARAPAN la. nanti follower cannot see my blog anymore :( 
biala mcm loser url -.- haih. dugaan. biala.


ok bout this time, u should really screammm!!.yeap, my long distance boyfriend, kyle patrick :P ok maybe not, but HE'S MINE!!i love him since i was form 2. so u can imagine how long that is. ---

This dude, started out with the click five, u might know him as the lead singer of the click five after eric left the click five. he was the new lead singer.
which when i 1st fall for him. hehe. some of the songs were pretty cool.
its been awhile since ive heard from this band. after my fren post the new video. im in love again.
their new music video was dont let me go. the lyrics is about human trafficking. actually they already made this song like 2 years ago i think. but now the music video is out. its better though. (Y)
plus HE'S SO CUTE IN THE VIDEO. tee hee.
oh they already released their 3rd album TVC last 15th nov. which is dah lama. and i just found out now but wtv. i wanna go to youtube later and hear some of their songs :)

i just found out tht he has his own solo album which is okay and still awesome since all of the music from the album KP (kyle patrick) is made by him from the lyrics, music and the voice. so im telling u guys he's incredible. and no, he is still in click five, he did this solo album because he wants people to listen to his music. 
not everyone likes his songs and he has short hair now, AWHH!! (ok out of the topic)

so i already finished downloading his album KP. im in love with the song another life
and yeah, its free and legal.
its written there:
Kyle chose to release KP digitally with a pay-what-you-will distribution model. His reason?
“This music means the world to me, and I just want everyone to have it.

u can download it here if you want.
go to the music at the right coner section.
press download.
the they'll ask u to put the price, just put 0 then put ur details.
check ur email, download. THAT EASYY!!
it will include 6 tracks, 2 videos and 1 pic.

srry the cover of the album is zzz a bit i still dont know why -.-

SO YEAH. try listening to his music, who knows. u might fall for him. hehee. 
but he's still mine!!

ps: i can get enough of him now. i've been playing his songs over and over again. he's so gonna be in my dreams tonight. IDC ANYMORE. im in love. totally. i mean look at those eyes, those lips. those hair. GAHHH. ok im done. bye.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


emm . ok well , today im hangout ~
yeah ~ just to fill my last day during this holiday
hoho 0.0

bored bored
= ='
dunno wht to do
so , i beg my mother to send me out
first thing to do is binding my work ( yeah , scrap book )
then , meet my siz fyezah to get my order 
those crafts !!

she make by own 
sooo creative ! and im soooo jealous of her
she have find the way to get a
 hehe . i have think to bussiness at FB
yeah , its kinda like hijab , shawl or pashmina maybe
hehe :) i really want to do 
but , its ok i will realize it after my big war of SPM

ow ya , i have order 2 stuff from her 
its kinda of purse and keychain 
hek3 ^^, cute and loveble
its handmade craft so i think i need to learn how to do
emm ya ?? * umi offer pi kelas menjahit pown x maw*
haha ~ saia x suka menjahit
i prefer to learn COOKING and BAKERY
haha . i love to make it something delicious
hoho * merepeks*
just hope mai !
yeah , i know its hope and i really want to master it

but my ummi said " all u want it u will do after SPM "
haha :DD
im gonna wait it for a long tym lae
huh ! i think its no need to pay for fee if i learn wif my grandmother
is it ??

ok larrgghh ckup ak merepeks kat sini ~
lau xda bagus2
law ada JUST GO AWAY larhh !!

hahaha :DD kidding LOL

mine ^^ kinda of cute 
thnks siz . muah !!

sapa maw kestaw saia ! x pown pi jer kat blog dya
or kat fb pown ada .

kapishh ??
chowzz ~

Friday, June 10, 2011

leaving is hard

well, in a few days i'll be going back to hostel
not a few days actually , ITS TOMORROW!!!

and it would be very impossible for me to blog for a few weeks
because im not bringing laptop there. unless i really needs it.
im still packing. somehow i dont think everything can be pack in the bags. HAHA.
i have so many stuff, even my mum complaint bout. i do shop a lot. hmm. * cory ummi*
i think i'll need 3 bags. 1 for LOTS of baju kurung+tshirts, 1 for sleeping cloths+tdung labuh+mknnan minuman
haih -.- and tht still doesnt include all shoes and my pillow...( baru buy !!) hohoh0
im dizzy thinking bout it already.

anyways, ive done most of the things they want.
well, i think everything.
thanks to my parents they actually send me here and there to shopping stuff
*huahuahua ~ cm x besa ni bha*
ou ya ! i have already made my new tdung labuh . yeah ! saya jahit sendiri .
i feel so independent. i think thats good.
yeah , i think its the time to make a change
my dad said i need to learn to be on my own and not count on them cuz in the future its us whose doing everything rite.
yes, for the moneyh to buy my stuff :DDDD
some things i also use my money to help lighten ur burden :')

so, i can say that i am excited to go back to hostel? haha, yes, one of the reason is that my fren gonna back too 
but im feel bad wif my homew0rk ( lom siap wehh )
others is just i really miss the routine there. too excited. i love hostel.
not that SCHOOL !! even x ckup tdo , tapi syoqq bb ad kwn 
yeah ~ first thing to do at school is

haha . to all my frenz at MUSLIM
pliss help me to do =='

ok. bye for a long time. i think -.-                                                       


things happened like this:

heartless Pictures, Images and

Sometimes your heart gets a little beat up. Sometimes you feel a tiny bit broken – but you are still here

It’s not about how to achieve your dreams. It’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you.

Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want something badly enough. They are there to keep out theother people.

Find the best in everybody…. Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you. It might even take years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting.

I’ve never understood pity and self-pity as an emotion. We have a finite amount of time. Whether short or long, it doesn’t matter.
 Life is to be lived.

*merepeks di tengah hari*

this is not emo

does true love exsist?
thts what we all trying to find out.
i see people breaking uphook-ing up.
i know ppl who is heart broken,                                                                 
falling in love,confused in love 
and gave up on love.

there is so many stories behind all of it.
everyone has a story to tell rite?

everyone dreams of having true love.
and i meant EVERYONE.
what do we know bout love really?
we only say "i love u"
but we dont know what it means
thts what i thought..

so, this guy told me
he wants love but not a girl.
we all know thts not possible.
if it is, then, i want love too but not a guy.

i guess
we just have to accept people's diff
its either bad or good
we're not perfect  u knw.
so, what the heck rite??

idk what im writing here.
maybe because i just heard a guy told me
bout his 1st relationship.
and yes, he still loves her.
but she wants him to move on.
i guess,
i knw what tht guy was talking about..
what do i knw bout this, rite.

its not easy to forget someone u love
but, time will heal everything.
and we will move on rite.
we all will.

wth am i trying to say here..
i just want to believe a relationship can last for a long time.
can i?

hmppphhhh !

ok, so sekolah dah nak bukak.
ingat dah boleh concentrate after all of the things
yang happened during cuti
but NOPE, i was wrong again
its getting more complicated at the end

Allah please help me go through this life
i dont know what to think anymore
please make it easier for me to make choices
especially the hard ones
cuz im having one rite now

i just want to concentrate for EXAM,
please??? 0.0


during this holiday:

i've been sleeping late at night
online all the time
eating fast food
eating maggi * a lot of it
waking up at 3pm *hee
berangan lebih

what i havent done is:

agama nota *i couldnt find it = can i be excused?
chemist note*i really dont understand what to do+malas
english scrap book *otw-im serious..
SPM next year, study pon tidak..(cheh ~ care la knuk)

........... ?

tia sabar mo balik skuwl , tapi homework lom siap =='

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hei2 . huhuhu . now im get fever wif style ! muahaha :DD
geli tak ? yer arhh , i know who i am . x ssuai pown jadi model aite ?
bt , its ok . i dun care coz its wht i want ! last entry i have share
oredy about HELIZA AF . is it ? ngehehe :DD 

yahh ! im get fever with her hijab ! rasa cm nak beli jak suma 
tdung2 yg berkenan kat hati ni ! huhu . bt , i didn't have
money lorrhh ~ its ok im gonna push my umi 2 buy it from me . hehe * devil laugh *
PUSH ??  haha ! no larrhh . pujuk jerr kali ~
ok2 , last last last day . yahh , i dun remember when . i have
share bout hijab fashion with one of my buddy . hehe ^_^
we have same heart thats wanna get a awesome hijab . huhu

yah pashmina,shawl,hijab . tht's new trend nowadays ~
simple but gorgeous !! fohoooo ~ i like ! 
hehe . ou ya , bout my buddy tht i mentioned awhile she like
HANA TAJIMA style . wanna know who's that ?
haha ~ actually she was a designer for detail BRITISH JAPANESE style .
i've just searching about her last night ~ u knw why a lot of muslimah like her ::::

 1st because she fcking pretty.
2nd a model in tudung (Y) and menutup aurat
3rd she's a model
4th she's pretty??
5th she's a designer
6th damn she has nice style

hana tajima ~ preety right ?

yeah ~ thats da bcoz . and me ? ou , i think u know oredy .
i love damn much with HELIZA !! fuhh ~
just wanna meet her now . but yeah its down my inspiration when i 
post my feel at fb .

anonymous asked me this.
ckp skit???

 fine, i know i love her. doesnt mean i WANNA BE her.
even though i wish i do..

but post my feel at fb and write the entry about it at previous just for fun.
cz i love her style -.-
and i dnt even use her tudung style. duuhh..
im just simple , just dream i wanna wear those style
* even my lil bro knows tht

kalau kau jeles aka "tgh tdo", ckp ja laa.
kalau BRANI,x ya buat anonymous k dik :)